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10 April 2030 @ 12:25 pm
It took me several months but my new writing journal is a go.

x_strangeangels was always intended to be a fanfiction journal and specifically for Supernatural but I'm branching out fandom-wise and I'm committing myself to writing more poetry and original fiction this year.

And I was told that I needed to shake up my muse, so...new digs seemed like a good plan to me.

Going forward, I will be posting everything I write to the_lilac_wind. And I waited a day to make this announcement so that all of the posts won't immediately show up in your journals should you choose to friend it.

I don't plan on taking down x_strangeangels but I won't be updating the unfinished stories that are still there. Unfinished projects I'm currently working on, like By Gaslight and Your Sorrow for Another Coin, will be updated on the new journal. Everything I've written and posted in various places are all already there, so it's pretty much one-stop shopping for everyone. ;)

I'll probably continue to post links to stories on x_strangeangels for a month or so...
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01 December 2020 @ 02:00 pm
You've stumbled onto elanurel's Supernatural fanfiction journal, and all-purpose collection of assorted poetry. Unfortunately, I've moved all of my writing to the_lilac_wind, where I will also focus on original writing and additional fandoms.

As a result, I won't be making any more updates to the stories I've posted here - I'll be making updates at the_lilac_wind going forward. That being said, everything that I've posted here is already on the_lilac_wind and the master list is actually better organized than the one I've used here. ;)

The writing breaks out as follows:

GobsmackedJust your typical boy meets girl, boy tries to rescue girl from a monster, girl knocks boy out with her umbrella kind of story... (Season 2, Future!fic, Dean/Jo, Dean/OFC, PG - NC-17, Gen, Het) Updated 6/9/08

Rhapsody on a Windy NightIt’s time to sleep and Papa smiles, fear clamping his insides. Afraid of where she goes, of never being able to follow where she dances – her screams when the dark clouds are filling the sky and the voices are filling her head with the buzzing. Searching and searching and searching to find the one who will rebuild earth that is into hell that was. (Season 3, Sam/Jess, Sam/Ruby, Sam/River, PG-13 - NC-17, Gen, Het, Firefly Crossover) Updated 5/21/08

Run Like a VagabondTessa Bannister's life changed the day she made a wrong turn and left everything she had always known behind in a hospital bed. (Pre-Series, PG-13, Gen) Updated 9/10/08

Strange AngelsCenturies have passed since the sealing of the Grigori, and the children of the Nephilim walk the earth. Sam and Dean stumble across the Circle of Enoch, finding themselves in the midst of a prophecy that Sam is destined to fulfill. (Season 2 AU, Dean/OFCs, Sam/OFCs, Sam/Jess, G - NC/17, Het, Gen, Teen!Chesters) Updated 11/22/08

Supernatural By GaslightArmed with Samuel's inventions and Deane's uncanny ability to bring down any prey, the brothers Winchester travel through Great Britain and Europe, following clues they receive in the form of mysterious letters — and Samuel's disturbing visions. (AU, Dean/OFCs, Sam/OFC, PG-13 - NC-17, Het, Gen)

When You're Falling (AU, Dean/OFCs, NC-17, Het, Teen!Chesters, Future!Fic) Updated 9/28/08

One-ShotsOne-shots of various persuasions... (Stories include: AU, Dean/OFC, Sam/OFC, PG-13 - NC-17, Gen, Het, Teen!Chesters, Future!Fic) Updated 2/24/09

DrabblesDrabbles of various persuasions... (Drabbles include: AU, Dean/OFC, Sam/OFC, G - PG-13, Winchester/OFC, Gen, Het)

Stories-to-GoSince I have received several requests for copies of my stories, I've begun compiling them into .pdf files. All 'verses are represented here, as well as novel-length one-shots as they are completed. Updated 5/10/08

Awards and RecognitionsI always seem to be the last one to know these things...

Little EarthquakesVarious poems I've written through the years. Not fandom related.
03 October 2009 @ 12:40 pm
Back when I last posted one of these, I announced that I had signed up for a writing challenge. I'm happy as hell to announce that I met my word count goal, though I didn't finish anything; the muse was very unfocused and I figured it was better to write than not. Chemotherapy really has some funky side effects...and they don't always help with the writing.

But this? I'm just as surprised by this as anyone else.

  1. The moon has lost her memory"You really think that kid's going to be better off riding in the back of my car?" Sam POV. Sam/River. Dean. Firely / Supernatural crossover. (Het) R. Word count: 987. As with every other story I wrote last month, this was written for spn_30snapshots.

  2. Then spoke the thunder"You boys opened a door that's not going to close easy." Sam POV. Sam/River. Dean, Missouri. Supernatural (Het) PG-13. Word count: 1059.

  3. Midnight shakes the memory"Mysteries like to lock themselves up in riddles and allegories." Sam POV. Sam/River. Dean. Firefly / Supernatural crossover. (Het) PG-13. Word count: 1260.

  4. When all the world came back"A needle in bone is better than a needle in the heart." Sam POV. Sam/River. Dean, OFC. Firefly / Supernatural crossover. (Het) PG-13. Word count: 953.

  5. The voice of the hidden waterfall"Can you hear it?" Sam POV. Sam/River. Firefly / Supernatural crossover. (Het) R. Word count: 562.

  6. Heel to haunch on bended kneesShe gets off on it. He gets off on her. Dean POV. Dean/OFC. (Het) NC-17. Mild BDSM. Word count: 530. Yep, I'm kicking it old school with my second claim for spn_30snapshots - which means the OFC in question shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

Behold the power of spn_30snapshots. I've got several more ficlets plotted and I've made excellent progress - at long last - on Chapter Six of Your Sorrow for Another Coin.

Just a reminder - all of my fanfiction is now archived at the_lilac_wind.
06 June 2009 @ 02:31 pm
Because I'm still a writer, dammit. No matter what life throws at me.

  1. But where the dead leaf fell, there it did restEveryone told him that you didn't want to get on the wrong side of "Slick" Zachariah Harris, that old Slick loved the Goral more than he loved women or whiskey or the payoff when a transport didn't go south, but Wash signed up for the hitch anyway. Wash POV. Wash, Zachariah. Firely / Supernatural crossover. (Gen) PG-13. Word count: 832. This is one of my weird-ass fics. You know, the ones that poor quellefromage always volunteers to beta... At least I used conventional grammar.

  2. Lost in the Wishing WellIt didn't take a six-pack of cheap beer and Zeppelin on the jukebox.
    Dean POV. Dean/Jo. Supernatural (Het) NC-17. Word count: 953. If you like your Dean/Jo with flipping great wodges of angst, then this is the story for you.

  3. Eaten smooth, and polishedThe memory throws up high and dry, a crowd of twisted things. Sam POV. Sam/River, Sam/Ruby. Firefly / Supernatural crossover. (Het) R. Word count: 962. I didn't intend to write the story that made it to the page but, with Sam and River, that's always the case. River is muy muy unpredictable.

The muse is producing lots of little snippets. I figure it's better to follow my bliss right now than to worry about how the muse is working. I promised myself I'd write 15,000 words this summer. Doesn't mean that they all have to be the same story...

Just a friendly reminder. All of my stories have been moved to the_lilac_wind. I'll continue to post fic round ups over here for awhile but I'm not posting story links anymore. ;-P
04 March 2009 @ 01:04 pm
I'm still feeling overwhelmed about this but I felt that I'd share. The Salt and Burn Awards recently posted the winners to their first round. I am shocked to have been named as a runner-up in the Author category and humbled to have won the Unfinished WIP category for Your Sorrow for Another Coin.

So, my thanks to the kind folks who nominated me.
01 March 2009 @ 11:28 am
Actually, when I last checked my tags for this, I haven't done a fic round up since September of 2008. So, um, yeah. This should get is up to date from October, then.

  1. Your Sorrow for Another Coin - Chapter 5 — Winchesters always needed protecting, from themselves as much as anything else - so maybe it was no surprise that Mama added all that thyme and basil and oregano into spaghetti sauce every time a Winchester crossed their doorstep. Outsider POV. John/OFC, Dean/OFC (Het). NC-17. Word count: 8600.

  2. I just keep losing my beatAt least they were letting him have a couple of shots between the hand waving and the quarter tossing and that stupid rhyme they kept reciting in Latin. Dean POV. Dean/OFC, Sam (Het) PG-13. Word count: 2700.

  3. When All Logic Grows Cold"Maybe I'm the one who should be teaching you a lesson or two." Outsider POV. Dean/OFC (Het). NC-17. Word count: 3000.

  4. Ghosts in our rear view mirror"There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." Dean POV. Outsider POV. Dean/OFC, Sam/Sarah (Het). NC-17. Word count: 10,340.

  5. This little bed can barely hold"She was her mother's daughter as much as he was his father's son." Dean POV. Dean/OFC (Het). NC-17. Word count: 3079.

  6. Start out with fancy sheets, and wear them down so thin"It's not like there's a drill sergeant showing up tomorrow morning for a surprise inspection, Sam." Sam POV. Sam/Jess (Het). NC-17. Word count: 440.

Here's hoping I am more productive in March.
30 January 2009 @ 10:41 am
Figured I might as well post this on both journals. ;-P

Comment with a story I've written, and I will tell you something I knew, learned, or wondered about while writing it that didn't make it onto the page.

I'm answering questions over here.
18 January 2009 @ 02:52 pm
So, another month has gone by without a new chapter of Your Sorrow for Another Coin. I wish those of you following the story didn't have to wait so long...

But the good news is that my health is back on track and I'm gearing up to finish Chapter Six. There *might* be a small hurt/comfort story posted before then; however, I've already started re-reading the story so far and Alice's voice sounds very much like Alice in the sections that I've already written.

Thank you all for your patience on this one. ;-P
05 January 2009 @ 08:55 pm
...but chose not to deluge the f-list with it twice. If you're curious, here's my review of 2008 from a writing perspective.
22 December 2008 @ 01:02 pm
I also signed up for 10_hurt_comfort, specifically for the pairing Dean Winchester/Haley Collins and the Sexual Healing chart.

Lust Snuggle Dirty Bad Wrong
Love Yearning Ritual Drunk Regret

Hey, I need to practice female canon characters. And porn is good. Now I need a Haley icon...